A powerhouse of superior talent and sturdy experience
Committed to Solve, Excel and add Value
Trust, Integrity, Social Values
Trust, Integrity, Client Focus
We have earned our client's trust by delivering a consistency high level of professional expertise in the field of Taxation, Corporate Advisory, Transaction Advisory Services, and Special Services

We believe a good example has twice the value of good advice. We believe the success of a firm is built off of the trust of clients and employees. The best way to gain that trust is to demonstrate ethics and integrity in our dealings. At C B V & Associates LLP, partners and employees pledge to demonstrate high levels of integrity and professionalism in all aspects of our work and relationships.

Client focus

We believe “Your success is truly yours; we just play a role in it”. Every client requirement is different, every requirement is special. At C B V & Associates LLP, we understand this and strive to provide a positive contribution and value to the clients business by offering innovative, affordable, qualitative and time bound deliverables.


Growth comes only through continuous effort and struggle. We are a people business and the success of our firm is based on the strength of the quality of our staff and partners. At C B V & Associates LLP, we are committed to continuing professional training and development of our people nurturing the professional growth and career fulfilment. We strive to enhance our client service capabilities, reward our key people for doing the right thing for clients, and retain key staff for the long term.

About Us

As technology shrinks the world, a lot of peripheral functions are now core business functions. 

In this ever-evolving and changing business landscape, there is a constant need for expert advice. This is where CBV & Associates steps in, to ease the complexities through comprehensive handholding from advice to implementation. 

Established in 2020, CBV & Associates is building on a multi-generation legacy of excellence and goodwill with an array of niche professional services. As trusted advisors to organizations of all sizes across industries, we are well poised to help our clients overcome complex organizational, policy-related, tax and portfolio challenges through an effective mix of strategic and technical advice. 

Each of our services is driven by global networks and capabilities, informed factual decision-making and created to capitalize the deep expertise and experience of our leaders. 

CBV & Associates is your one-stop-shop for organic, sustainable and informed growth. 

The Pillars
CBV & Associates is synonymous with excellence in this VUCA business world, along with a firm commitment to our core values, that are at the heart of all that we do.

Our talented pool of highly qualified professionals with deep technical insights and experience are suited for any complex business situation. 


Each service is delivered with high assurance and credibility – we take ownership of nurturing long-term, trustbased associations.


We are mindful of the thoughts and feelings of our clients and colleagues all the time.

Ownership Mindset

We encourage all our colleagues to steer each assignment on the premise that they are the owners and totally accountable for all that they do.


We adapt to changes around us to continuously remain ahead of the curve in all that we do.


Our hallmark by providing innovative, timely and valuable services which give delight to our clients.