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Direct Tax

Direct Tax

As taxation laws gain complexity rapidly, a sound knowledge base and practical approach become essential in managing compliance risks and maximizing business returns. 

CBV & Associates is a onestopshop for a complete suite of fully integrated tax and regulatory services. 

Our specialist teams bring their extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the delivery of holistic solutions for every stage of the business cycle. 

A core specialization is in the niche offering of backend tax representation and litigation support up to the Apex Court. 

Our key direct tax services are vital for dynamic and agile business operations. 

Our scope of direct tax services includes:

Direct Tax Compliance:
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Tax Litigation Services
  • Survey, Search & Seizure Assistance
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Transaction Tax Advisory

Transfer Pricing Services

The unprecedented volumes of domestic and international intercompany transactions have made transfer pricing a highly challenging area that requires strategic management and optimization.

Our specialist team offers Business Model Optimization services that cover the full spectrum of transfer pricing aspects.

From benchmarking study of services for global/local requirements, to solving complex transfer pricing issues to mitigate risks, our professionals have extensive experience in enabling solutions for clients across diverse sectors.

CBV & Associates assists in comprehensive management of transfer pricing risk and develops strategies and policies that can significantly reduce operational uncertainty.

Transfer Pricing Services:
  • Transfer Pricing Certification & Compliance Services
  • Transfer Pricing Representation & Litigation
  • Country by Country (CBC) Reports & Master File Filing
  • Safe Harbour Options and Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Global Tp Policies, Reports and Documentation
  • Transfer Pricing Planning & Check Up